1. Sorting 

Once the plastic scrap arrives at our factory and is sorted into type, grade colour and quality. We focus very carefully about colouring specialy for Clear/Transparent colour material.


2. Shreding Process

Only if the Plastic scrap comes in the large peices, we shred them into smaller peices using our High Capacity Shredder Machine.


3. Re-Grinding

With our various range of Plastic Crusher Machines, we are able to Re-Grind all sizes of plastic from small runners to large Gallon.


4. Re-Processing ( Pelletising)

After the Re-Grinding process, we can Re-Processing (Pelletise) the material to become small Pellet and perfectly ready to be used as Raw Material.


5. Packing and Quality Control

Normal packing size that we do it 25KG/Bag, 500KG/Bag. However, we can customise packing according to customer requirement. Each Packing unit are stored in closed place where we can protect from Humidity




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