We, S.D.C. Polymer Co., Ltd. are specialised in Recycling Plastic Material. We are one of the subsidiary company of S.D.C. Plastic Group Company Limited whom has been established since 1971..

We provide complete plastic recycling products and services, to all types of plastic manufacturers. Our process starts with the collection of the plastic scrap from manufacturers, advising them on how to achieve the optimum value from their plastic scrap. Once the plastic scrap is back at our factory, it is then sorted and graded. The next stage is Re-Grinding( Granulating ) and Re-Processing( Pelletising).

We also have a requirement of buying Large Quantity of Plastic Waste e.g. Used Plastic Bag, Plastic Scrap, runner and etc. If you are interested in supplying, please feel free to contact us here



With our experience for more than 20 years, we are capable of processing many kinds of scraps plastic into Recycled Plastic Material, which plastic manufacturer can use in the propose of reducing production cost.

Apart from offering varieties of grade of Recycle Material, we do also provide Service for Recycling your own scrap material by Re-Grinding, Re-Processing (Palletising)

To contact us,

S.D.C. Polymer Co., Ltd.

55/39 M.9 Soi Chollatep 6, Teparak Rd.
Bangplee Yai, Bangplee, Samutprakarn

Phone: +66814992217
Fax:     +662-7036299

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